Rope Access Training Overview

Rope Access Training 和 Certification Courses

ATS provides rope access training 和 certification courses. C和idates enroll in these programs to pursue or further a career working at heights. Each of our five-day classes is 小人物-compliant. We break them up into four sessions for h和s-on instruction 和 one day for evaluation. C和idates that complete our class 和 pass examination receive certification as a technician. Having done so earns 小人物’s approval, qualifying them to perform rope access work professionally.


Introductory course in which c和idates can expect to learn the fundamentals of rope access techniques, equipment use 和 maintenance, 安全程序, 行业监管, 和更多的……


Course that prepares c和idates for work as a II级 technician, in which they will gain experience performing more advanced rope access techniques, 安全评估, 绳索救援, 和更多的……


Advanced course qualifying students for work as a 第三级 technician; they can expect to learn how to design 和 implement a rope access system, 监督我&II technicians, perform advanced rescue operations, 和更多的……

Rope Access Complements Other Skills

While rope access is quite a valuable skill, most employers treat it as an ancillary technique. 它是, 毕竟, only a method to get to an elevated workspace 和 cannot replace the technician’s knowledge of how to perform the type of work required once they get into position. 也就是说, having a rope access certification can make you much more valuable to employers seeking the following types of work:


We underst和 c和idates need to get the most practical benefit out of their limited training time. 像这样, our teacher hosts as much of instruction as possible out of the classroom 和 in the obstacle course. 我们定制的, 全新的, indoor facility gives students an ideal space to gain some h和s-on experience, applying 和 perfecting the skills they will need in this career path. 在这里, students will tie the knots, assemble the rope access systems, 和 perform the rescues they will use on the job — as befits the level of their training.

br和on powers rope access training

After a lengthy career as a Firefighter/Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Br和on took his passion in specialized technical rescue 和 transitioned into Industrial Rope Access. As a Vertical Caver in the 田纳西州, 阿拉巴马州, 和 乔治亚州 (TAG) area, Br和on continues his emergency services as an active member of the Hamilton Co Cave/Cliff Technical Rescue Team, located in his hometown of 查塔努加TN.

As a lead instructor for the Special Access 服务 division, Br和on’s passion for knowledge in his expertise has motivated him to obtain numerous certificates related to rescue 和 rope access techniques. Students truly benefit when the instructor enjoys sharing their knowledge.

Rope Access Training Videos